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Everyone loves an underdog, but what happens when you stay stuck in that mindset?

It can become a curse that causes you to sabotage your own success, be brought down by old habits and held back from genuine happiness. After spending most of his life trying to kick his own underdog curse, chiropractor and success coach Dr. Don MacDonald now spends most of his time trying to help others with the cure to this purpose-destroying pattern.

It’s time to stop being focused on what other people think and expect. This will only drive you away from your purpose, and drain your energy, inspiration, and self-esteem. If you are looking to break through a plateau in your health, relationships, or finances, this inspiring book will equip you with easy-to-follow steps that will help you hone in on your purpose and find authentic success in life.

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In The Underdog Curse you will discover:

The authenticityclash that causes life’s great plateau
How the underdog advantage turns its ugly head when you’ve got something to lose
The cost of the status quo versus the promise of your big goal
Health tolls of the underdog curse
The three great saboteurs for underdogs
How to unlock the real you
How to grow without burnout
How to create a flight-plan for lasting success

And much more…….

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A Few Reviews from the Book

Dr. MacDonald is a wonderful example of what this world lacks more and more….GENUINENESS!

“The Underdog Curse” appeals to any individual in any situation. Its words call for us to conjure up courage in accepting that we inevitably fail but never to accept that we are failures. His personal touch (and willingness to share it) make this work a valuable read for anyone brave enough to face their own truth. I have recognized many of my weaknesses moving chapter to chapter. Thank you Dr. Don for expressing yourself fully and more importantly for using your life (good and bad) to help the lives of those you know and those you never will through this genuine piece of writing.

The Underdog Curse is such an eye-opening book on what being an “underdog” really is and the barriers that you don’t even know you have. If you’re stuck in a rut or plateau this book will defiantly help you get off the ground! Understanding how we feel and why we feel that way is such an important role to success. Dr. Don MacDonald captures the importance of personality, behaviours and surroundings and how they all have such a key role in personal success! Can’t wait to share this book with many others and hopefully it changes lives as much as it’s influenced mine!

Dr Heldreth

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