Creating new habits

Creating new habits must be mastered to create change in your life.  We learned this from our rescue pit-bull. Here is lesson #1 that I learned from our dog lux on creating new habits.

Lesson Number 1

Persistence is the only way. One of our challenges was to make sure he wasn’t aggressive or dominant over food.
Lux is in the pit bull family, so this can be an issue for the breed. These days, we always make him ask for his food, and has to make eye contact before he will eat anything. It was an issue for Lux. Sure, he had his “big dog” brain that was a little calmer and developed. Back in the beginning, he had his instinctive puppy brain in action. There was no control. If he saw food, he’d just lunge at it and gulp it down.
In order to train this out of him, we had to be consistent. It took a year. He had to overpower his instinct. You can’t just miss days when you are changing your momentum jar. Those missed days reinforce old habits! You’ve got to stick at it and be consistent. This might involve putting some structure around things that are automatic but need to change. If you need a power bond, call in a power bond! If you need to call to memory your
internal saboteurs, then write them down and stick them where you can see them.
No habit changes without sustained effort in the one direction.  

Where in your life could you use a little more persistence to change unwanted habits?

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